Home Inspection St Charles MO

Home Inspection St Charles MO

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Our St Charles MO Home Inspectors aim to surpass your expectations.

 bullet_home_green A-Pro St Charles MO Home Inspectors provide a home inspection with built-in protection.

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bullet_home_green What happens when St Charles MO Home Inspectors fail to uncover an existing problem?

In most cases, nothing.  A-Pro’s FREE 120-day “if we don’t report it, we repair it” guarantee puts the burden on us, and covers you for the cost of unexpected covered repairs. Unparalleled inspections. Unparalleled protection. That’s A-PRO.

bullet_home_green  A-Pro courteous, CHI® board certified St Charles MO Home Inspectors are rigorously trained and broadly experienced professionals who apply all their expertise to comprehensive home inspections.

bullet_home_green A-Pro ” St Charles MO Home Inspectors ” includes a foundation level survey. And since more than 30% of all claims are structure related, you wonder why our competitors don’t perform this vital service. With  A-Pro,  it’s FREE OF CHARGE* (a $150.00 value).

bullet_home_green We provide a unique 500-point home inspection ( far exceeding others)

bullet_home_green We provide an iron-clad, 120-day “If we don’t report t, we repair it” guarantee.

bullet_home_green  A-Pro St Charles MO Home Inspectors provides the best and easiest to read the report in the business- bar none.

bullet_home_green  Supra key access for your scheduling flexibility.

bullet_home_green  Radon Testing

In every aspect of the home inspection process, via thoroughness, follow-through, communication, and guarantees, A-Pro St Charles MO Home Inspectors outperform the competitors.

  • Be Smart.

  • Be Protected.

Call now and have A-Pro inspect it!  

St Charles MO Home Inspectors636-277-0044

*call for details 

Services provided by Derek Ehlert is an independent Owner/Operator of A-Pro trusted since 1994 –St Charles Home Inspectors

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